We design and install our refrigeration systems to N+1 (run and standby) to ensure system reliability in the event of component failure. In addition to N+1 we also consider air flow within the space during modelling especially during off cycle or failure and so consideration of the location/size/power of each evaporator or fan motor is critical in relation to the room and the product.

By taking this care and consideration during the design phase of the project, we ensure we minimise any hot and cold spots. This fundamental practice delivers 1st time validation during the crucial mapping and validation stage.


At Ayjay Pharma we can design bespoke evaporators to create the correct solution for the cold room and its product. Some key factors we consider:

  • Air velocity
  • Safe isolation of components
  • Energy consumption
  • Physical size and weight
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Corrosion protection
  • Materials used and environment effect

Condensing Units

Condensing units are the core to any refrigeration system and so particular attention is given both to their N+1 operation and functionality.

In addition to key components and control, particular attention is given to refrigerant pipe design as this has a fundamental impact on the systems efficiency and operation. Our design team ensures that all aspects within the refrigeration system, from condensate waste water drainage to materials used, are detailed within our selection to match or exceed your
specification and requirements.

Ask our team for more information about our bespoke built packages. Below are some examples:

  • Ambient conditions
  • Variable load control – for irregular heat load conditions
  • FGas – both its environmental impact and suitability for the application
  • Maintenance & diagnostics
  • Attenuation – sensitive environments
  • Pump down capacity
  • Corrosion protection

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